President's welcome to 2017!

Here we are again ready for a brand new year! I would like to sincerely thank our 2016 committee!

We say goodbye to our beloved Nataly, and send out a huge thankyou for all of her support. Nataly has been a wealth of knowledge and experience while on our committee and we wish her all the best!  We now say hello and a very warm welcome to our newest committee member, Elena. We know that you will rock as Fundraising Coordinator this year!

The committee and I are already running at full steam!

Our Adult group will be heading down to Dalmatia as we begin work on brand new songs and dances from the Dolina Neretve region.  The adults will be focused on this region and brand new nosnje from Croatia will be heading our way shortly.  These are exciting new developments for Mladi Hrvati and we are looking forward to adding these beautiful songs and dances to our growing folkloric repertoire.

Our Intermediate group of pre-teens is working hard, learning songs and dances from the Zagrebacko Prigorje region which is challenging their skills, but they are loving every minute of it!  These dances are lively and keep them on their toes, while improving their dance skills from week to week.

The Junior group is growing all the time, and not just in height!  Our youngest members who are getting to the ripe old age of 6 or 7 have welcomed some of their younger siblings who have reached the age where they can join in the fun.  They no longer have to sit on the sidelines and watch, but are now taking part in this super cute little group’s dance practice and learning new songs and dances from okolice Zadra.

It is wonderful to see this amazing group of children, parents and adults being part of one of the first Croatian folkloric groups in Melbourne.  This group’s history is long and proud and as we gear up for a very special year next year, it is wonderful to see current adult members who once danced as children, share their love of Croatian folkloric song and dance with their own children.  Two folkloric generations, dancing as one.

Next year we will be celebrating 40 years of Folklorna Grupa Mladi Hrvati, a time of reflection and catching up with old members. Planning and preparations for our 40th anniversary celebrations are already underway, and we look forward to celebrating with all members, past and present! To all those who helped fire up Croatian folkloric dance at Clifton Hill, we thank you and as we have always said and will continue to say for many years to come... Na Mladima Svijet Ostaje!

Suzy Horvat - President - Folklorna Grupa Mladi Hrvati – Clifton Hill