Our Teachers


One of Antun's great passions is Croatian folkoric dance. He first started dancing at the age of seven and has since spent time learning dance both in Australia and in Croatia, where he attended Hrvatska Matica Iseljenika. Antun teaches our members and creates choreographies alongside Sandra and Maya, and through their research of Croatian Folkloric dances, music and costumes, this team continually brings new ideas and dance approaches to our members. Antun welcomes all dancers with a big smile, positive energy and inspires them to work together and most of all to have lots of fun. 


Sandra's role in the teaching team is to research different Croatian folkloric dances and regions and to liaise with international choreographers. She also provides teaching support during Intermediate and Adult Group dance practice. Through her research of Croatian Folkloric dances, music and costumes, Sandra continually brings new ideas to our choreographies and performances. In the lead up to events that Mladi Hrvati are performing at, she gives up hours of her own time to help prepare dancers with personalised coaching and encouragement. She first joined Mladi Hrvati in 1986 and now has two daughters dancing in the Junior Group with her youngest daughter getting ready to join soon too. 


Maya joined Mladi Hrvati in 2015 and is a participating member of the Adult Group, she also teaches and creates choreographies for the Junior and Adult dance groups. She is originally from Canberra where she danced for the local folkloric group HFS Croatia. She spent much of her youth singing in Canberra choir 'Gaudeamus' (now known as Music for Canberra) and is a classically trained pianist. Maya conducts weekly choral rehearsals with the Adult Group and transcribes and arranges music for the group. She works closely with the teaching team to create and select music for Mladi Hrvati choreographies. 


Klara joined Mladi Hrvati in 2014. She is originally from Wollongong where she spent her youth dancing for local folkloric group HFS Zagreb. Klara is an accomplished musician who has a Bachelor of Music and has been trained in various instruments. She has toured Europe as part of the Wollongong Youth Orchestra. Klara teaches our tamburica classes, as well as transcribing and arranging music for the group. Klara is also a progressive singer/songwriter who has recently released her own album. You will find her performing her own music at hotspots all around Melbourne.