The Mladi Hrvati Folkloric Group Committee is proud to be made up of members of the community who work hard and passionately to promote the Mladi Hrvati Folkloric Group and the appreciation of Croatian folkloric dance and traditional music. This includes raising funds, managing finances, maintaining our beautiful traditional costumes, organising events, and supporting our dancers and singers. All Committee members participate on a voluntary basis and are elected by members of Mladi Hrvati at its Annual General Meeting. 

Here's a little introduction to our wonderful Committee.

President - Suzy Horvat

Suzy manages and oversees the overall running of the group. She is responsible for the welcoming of new members, liaising with national and international folkloric groups, and acts as the  representative for the group at events that Mladi Hrvati host and attend. She also assists in the management of our traditional Croatian costumes, events and other activities. She first joined Mladi Hrvati in 1983 as a 12 year old and is now a member of the Adult Group. Two of her six children are members of the Intermediate Group. Suzy is passionate about Croatia's cultural history and is dedicated to preserving the tradition of Croatian folklore in Melbourne for the generations to come.

Vice President - Sandra Juka

As Vice-President, Sandra supports the President in establishing relationships with local and international folkloric organisations and has a key role in finding sponsors and applying for funding. Sandra also provides teaching support by researching different Croatian folkloric dances and regions and liaising with international choreographers. Sandra has a passion for Croatian folklore and works tirelessly to help maintain the costumes. She first joined Mladi Hrvati in 1986 and now has two daughters dancing in the Junior Group with her youngest daughter getting ready to join soon too. 

Secretary - Nevenka Zuvelek

In addition to being our Memberships Manager, Nevenka liases with other folkloric groups, manages event invitations and manages Mladi Hrvati events.  Her dedication to raising the profile of Mladi Hrvati is second to none. Nevenka also works closely with our Fundraising Coordinator to create events and opportunities for fundraising.  She first connected with Mladi Hrvati in 2014 when her two children joined as members of the Junior Group.

Vice Secretary - Rose Smolic

Rose supports the Secretary with administrative back up is our enthusiastic social media manager and networker extraordinaire. Rose supports the Secretary by also liaising with other folkloric groups and managing event invitations. Two of her three children are members of the Junior Group.  

Treasurer - Manda Statham

Manda manages the groups finances inlcuding all incoming funds and outgoing exprenses as well as providing an extra pair of hands whenever needed. Manda's first experience as a member of Mladi Hrvati was in 1985. She continues her connection to Croatian traditional dance as a member of the Adult group, as well as having her two children part of the Intermediate group.

Vice Treasurer - Barbara Luketic

Barbara supports the treasurer in the financial supervision of the group.  Barbara has a long history with Mladi Hrvati. Her three children were members of Mladi Hrvati in 1987 until 1998. She and her husband Joe, who is also a valued member of the group, have danced with us since 2009.  

Fundraising Coordinator - Elena Muse

Elena works closely with our Secretary and Vice Secretary to create events and opportunities to fundraise for Mladi Hrvati.  Her daughters joined the Junior and Intermediate Groups in 2015. 

Nošnja Coordinator - Maria Stojanov

Maria manages the overall maintenance of our nošnje and works with other committee members to assign nošnje to dancers before Mladi Hrvati performances. Maria first started with Mladi Hrvati in 1986 and is now a member of the Adult group.