Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016! 

Folklorna Grupa Mladi Hrvati welcomes its returning members and their families and to all our new members, Dobrodošli!

It's a very exciting time for Mladi Hrvati as there are so many new things happening at MH headquarters. 

Our Tamburica classes with Mr. Igor (Gigo) Milić have commenced for children and adults, beginners and experienced players who are interested in a refresher.  We are kicking off our year with our annual picnic at Fairfield Park on Sunday 14th February - bring your loved ones along to the place where we love to go! Bring your Boće and picnic blankets for a fun day for the whole family! Our committee is raring to go and will be cooking up a storm so you won't need to cook and all at great prices!

Our junior dancers have a performance in late February at the Footscray Dom Annual Croatian Cultural Festival where we will also be having a stall selling hot dogs and hot chips, all well known Croatian favourites! Be sure to roster yourselves on for a little while at the stall - any help will much appreciated. 

There are new nošnje being stitched together as you read this and new choreographies and dances being formulated by our talented dance teachers.  Movie nights and kids discos, and few Zabave in the mix and who knows what else there is, so welcome one and all to 2016! 

"Na Mladima Svijet Ostaje"

Suzy Horvat
Folklorna Grupa Mladi Hrvati