President's welcome to F.G Mladi Hrvati's 40th year celebrations!

Welcome to 2018, our 40th year!  We are so proud to have reached this incredible milestone in representing Croatian folkloric traditions in Melbourne, Australia! 

It is our proud duty and responsibility to work hard at these traditions and maintaining these time honoured dances and songs for future generations. 

As we head into this year of celebrations, those of us who have shared our younger years at Mladi Hrvati begin to reminisce about our youth and how it was back in the day.  The memorable performances, the trips and events, the friends we made and our dear teachers Gospodin Aleksa and Gospođa Gizela Kechenovich who we remember, and they must remember so much more! 

This year we extend a warm and heartfelt invitaton to all past members to join us for our 40th Anniversary Gala Night which will be held on June 16th at the Croatian Centre in Sunshine.  This reunion Gala will be an opportunity to catch up with old friends and to recollect special memories of their time with Folklorna Grupa Mladi Hrvati.  I believe there's also an opportunity or two to brush up on your kolo moves!  We've got some special guests joining us and it will be a wonderful folklor family get together!

I look forward the the year ahead because if you think this year is going to be big for Mladi Hrvati, wait until you hear about next year!

Let's get this party started.... Iiiijuuuujuu!